4 Career Team Building Tips

Team Together Everyone Achieves More

By Johnny Dwinell I entertain so many conversations from artists and songwriters about how difficult it is to build a team and break into the music business. They go on and on about how much they want it, how much they need it, how they were born to do it, and then, ultimately, how they’re…

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The Impeccable Artist

Impeccable craftsman musical instrument

By Johnny Dwinell Art is a craft and as a craft, I realize that there are 2 kinds of craftsmen.  Some are born with the innate ability to rise above all else with their art; they’re supremely gifted.  Most are born with the love and fascination for a particular art form and choose to follow…

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Your Artistic Journey

Artistic Journey Your Journey Begins Now

  By Johnny Dwinell I’m always thinking about artists.  An artist’s success is quite literally paramount to our success at Daredevil Production, LLC. Last night I was watching Howard Stern’s movie, “Private Parts”, for the umpteenth time but with a whole new set of eyes; artistic eyes. It turns out this movie is an awesome…

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A True Artist

Artist Ghandi Quote Feature Image

By Johnny Dwinell Every day I think that if Daredevil Production, LLC is going to make a dent in the Universe with new music we need more true artists.  Thank God the new music industry is all about true artists!   A true artist cares about the work A true artist is interested in and…

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What Are You Doing?

Doing Feature Image RESIZE

By Johnny Dwinell The last weekly article I wrote entitled 10 Reasons Not To Give Up  received a ton of response.  There was a particular reaction that was inspiring to me.  First, I thought I’d share the email with you and then we can dive into my thoughts for this week. I would love for…

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10 Reasons Not To Give Up

Give Up Don't you dare FEATURE

By Johnny Dwinell Did you ever notice how we only see success as success?  When we are first exposed to someone successful we initially only think about their success, right? We covet a little bit. We become envious. Unless we are exposed to all the details of a personal success story, we don’t see (and…

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Pragmatic Epiphanies

Pragmatic Dictionary Image

By Johnny Dwinell   prag·ma·tism [prag-muh-tiz-uhm]  Show IPA noun character or conduct that emphasizes practicality. a philosophical movement or system having various forms, but generally stressing practical consequences as constituting the essential criterion in determining meaning, truth, or value.   Pragmatic   Utilitarian   Sober   Realistic   Logical   Practical   Efficient   Down-to-Earth   Businesslike   I am wondering, how do you run your career?   I am wondering, how do you approach your art, your talent?   Many of…

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Excuses versus Challenges

Excuses No Excuses image FEATURE

By Johnny Dwinell People hate it when I talk about this subject. Mostly because everyone has some festering sore spot in their life where they felt like they coulda, shoulda, woulda, but made an excuse and never did. So having a serious discussion about excuses causes people to relive their most catastrophic or most painful…

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There’s Always 1 Skeptic

Skeptic Feature image

 By Johnny Dwinell Lately, I’m proud to say, many of my articles have been reposted by some resource sites that have far greater traffic than ours does. Every so often, I get a wild hair and a little extra time that directs me to read some of the comments people leave about my blog posts.…

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Artistic Terrorists

Hit Man image

By Johnny Dwinell We have traitors amongst us. I am now acutely aware. They’re more like artistic terrorists. This is serious y’all. I’m NOT screwing around. These people work against you, the artists. They are ruining artists and the art for that matter. They’re haters! They are demons working against us artists to ensure we…

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