There’s Always 1 Skeptic

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 By Johnny Dwinell Lately, I’m proud to say, many of my articles have been reposted by some resource sites that have far greater traffic than ours does. Every so often, I get a wild hair and a little extra time that directs me to read some of the comments people leave about my blog posts.…

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Artistic Terrorists

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By Johnny Dwinell We have traitors amongst us. I am now acutely aware. They’re more like artistic terrorists. This is serious y’all. I’m NOT screwing around. These people work against you, the artists. They are ruining artists and the art for that matter. They’re haters! They are demons working against us artists to ensure we…

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Implied Power

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By Johnny Dwinell First of all, a big shout out to Brent Baxter for a killer post last week! Thanks Brent (I totally needed that! Let’s do it again) The last blog that I wrote 20 Biggest Music Marketing Mistakes I touched on the concept of implied power. I want to dissect this concept a…

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Song Kinetics

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WHAT ARE THE KINETICS OF YOUR SONG? Hey y’all, meet Brent Baxter.  He will be guest blogging in my absence this week as I am hanging with my family in  Utah’s amazing Zion National Park.  Songwriters this is a must read. <Brent Baxter is a hit songwriter with cuts by Alan Jackson (the top 5…

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20 Biggest Marketing Mistakes

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by Johnny Dwinell This past week Kelly and I were honored to be panelists on Grammy nominee Amanda Williams’ songwriting conference. Whoa, let me tell you Amanda and Todd put together an informative, well organized, event that had attendees rubbing elbows and getting their music heard in front of many music industry professionals including,…

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The Songwriter Future

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By Johnny Dwinell It’s interesting to watch human nature during a massive paradigm shift within any industry; a songwriter is no different. We hate change. The more successful we are in any particular field the more removed we are from the undercurrent that is facilitating the change; and the more we fight it. It makes…

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Do You Play Poker?

3 aces and a poker chip on fire

By Johnny Dwinell So terrestrial radio is gone…or almost gone. If you’re a new artist you certainly can’t count on it to break you in the Rock or Pop music genres anymore. MAYBE you’ll do it in country, but the clock is ticking on that too. Ugh, I know, it’s totally depressing, but when one…

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6 Music Industry Myths

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By Johnny Dwinell I was reading a Bob Lefsetz blog post called “Myths” the other day and it got me thinking (btw, you should subscribe and be reading Lefsetz too…Bob’s a little negative sometimes but there is good, ACCURATE information in there. It’s free, we can never have enough education). Here are 6 additional myths…

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Imagine Every Artist

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By Johnny Dwinell Imagine Every Artist just wanted to make art. Imagine Every Artist started paying attention to effective content marketing and social media. Imagine Every Artist stopped SELLING on social media and focused on building relationships. What if legacy and heritage artists monetized their million dollar brand names via direct-to-fan marketing? What if legacy…

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How Will You Add Value?

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By Johnny Dwinell Somehow, we have lost sight of the simple, honest truth that people need to add value, real value, to any organization to be accepted and succeed in that organization.  If you don’t add value, the relationship will inevitably end or at least DRAMATICALLY shift gears to accommodate your lack of value. In…

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